Omnivore - Grabbing a panino at Caffè Gio

A tiny salad, a big hunk of chicken


Since my friend Brad lives in Rome much of the year, I thought it would be interesting to get his take on the new Caffè Gio that just opened behind Gio's Chicken Amalfitano. He ordered the mixed greens, "insalate Gio," to which he added a thin slice of bistecca. While flavors were good, the $13 price, even with the slice of steak, was kind of shocking for a salad barely bigger than the side salad served with my caprese panino (above). We agreed that it's still too early to make any kind of overall judgment about the place - especially before trying the affogato.

I did enjoy my caprese panino, which is made with bufala mozzarella. Our friend Frank tried the chicken parmigiano panino. He liked it but complained that the chicken breast was too large in circumference for the bread. Oy. That's the first time he's complained about any dish being too large. And it wasn't so large that he didn't join me in scarfing down two scoops each of the heat-dispelling gelato.