Omnivore - Senor Patron: Bore your palate, swill tequila

Midtown Tex-Mex joint open in the Spire


After lunch last Friday at Villains Wicked Heroes, my dinner pals suggested we go across the street to check out Senor Patron in the Spire. I presume the name refers to the well-known Tequila brand. Swilling margaritas is certainly a big part of the experience here.

The food? Well, it's a step up from Pancho's, which we visited a week earlier. However, I did not see any aquarium-size margaritas.

At a reader's suggestion on my Pancho's report, I resisted ordering the always disappointing carnitas, my usual test of Mexican kitchens around the city. Instead, I ordered the equally classic chiles rellenos. Guess what! They were limp and their cheese filling was barely warm. I still go to the Taco Veloz out Buford Highway for burritos and tacos made with A+ rellenos.

Everyone else at the table ordered the usual Tex-Mex dishes and had no complaints. Besides the margaritas, the pluses here are a pleasant patio and seeing everyone you've ever met in Midtown. Well, that's not always a good thing.