Omnivore - Starbucks wants to blow up your belly

And McDonald's continues to drive people crazy


Holy crap. Waiting to meet friends at Starbucks, I decided to give one of the blueberry scones a try. As the barista was heating it, I noticed its posted calorie content: 490! That's more than a double cheese burger (440) at McDonald's and only marginally less than a Big Mac (550).

The scone receives a D- rating from CalorieCount.com

Speaking of McDonald's, Slate blogger Matt Yglesias is upset that the fast-food giant is trying to improve the Egg McMuffin with a steak version:

The basic issue is that McDonald's existing breakfast items are so damn delicious. They're so great that every once in a while a fancy pants chef tries to create some kind of haute Egg McMuffin only to discover he's come up with something tasty but inferior to the original. Every sensible person realizes that the only way to improve on the Egg McMuffin is to switch it up and order the Sausage McMuffin With Egg. Is it conceivable that in some remote corner of the universe McDonald's is going to invent a better breakfast product? Yes, maybe. Or maybe not. Asking whether McDonald's can make a better breakfast sandwich than the Sausage McMuffin With Egg is a bit like asking whether God could make an object so massive that he couldn't move it.

So now we have proof that geniuses have garbage mouths....

Meanwhile, An Australian has come to the US to try to stop McDonald's from building a restaurant in his small town. And the manager of a Bay Area McDonald's has been arrested and charged with robbery of his own restaurant. Incredibly, the man returned to work his regular shift the next day.