Omnivore - Free beer at Dad's Garage this weekend

Dad's Garage celebrates their new liquor license the only sensible way


Did someone say free beer? Dad's Garage Theatre, now temporarily located at 7 Stages in Little Five Points, is celebrating its brand new beer and wine license with free drinks all weekend. Between October 10-12, patrons will receive a free beer or glass of wine (normally $4.50) with the purchase of a ticket to any one of the nine scheduled shows. On top of the free drinks, Dad's Garage is throwing in even more giveaways (free popcorn, a year of free beer) based on the number of tickets sold:

If we sell 250 tickets for the shows playing this weekend - We rent a popcorn machine and give out free popcorn!

If we sell 500 tickets - 10 patrons will win a golden bucket - every time they come to a Dad's Garage for a year - they get a free bucket of beer!

If we sell 900 tickets - The free drink gets upgraded to anything we stock

If we sell all 1300 tickets - We'll do a surprise giveaway that we announce at the shows!

According to Thursday's update, if 87 more tickets are sold, everyone's free beer will be upgraded to a premium beer. For more updates visit the Dad's Garage Facebook page.