Omnivore - McDonald's hurls underpaid employees into the Social Safety Net

You are supplementing minimum-wage pay

We're all aware how American captains of industry have fought paying their workers a living wage and providing health insurance. Many of them limit employees to less than 40 hours of work weekly. That lets them avoid pesky federal requirements.

Indeed, many of the captains use the word "socialism" to describe efforts to change the situation. They say It's all about undercutting the free market.

So, McDonald's hit the news again this this week. The video above, courtesy of lowpayisnotok.org, demonstrates the two-faced attitude that's rampant in the fast-food industry.

While decrying attempts to raise the minimum wage, McDonald's operates a help line that encourages employees to apply for federal assistance, like the food-stamps program. In other words, Americans' taxes are subsidizing minimum-wage pay. Talk about socialism!