Omnivore - The usual: Popeyes, Octane, Cowtippers

Back to some more regulars

Some random shots from not-so-random places I visit fairly regularly. I have a favorite among the three. Guess.


A little bit of Halloween at Popeyes on Boulevard. Orange is the restaurant's signature color. It's not exactly Halloween there all the time, But sometimes my take-out meal, beside including the treat of my favorite fried chicken, will include a trick like one biscuit instead of the six I ordered or coleslaw instead of red beans and rice. But the staff isn't too scary. The restaurant is running a crawfish special right now. $4.99 gets you a big heap.

? ? ?

My God, this was good. A perfect waffle with bacon and sorghum at the Grant Park Octane.


It's cool for me to have a section of the Cowtipper's menu allude to me. Not, of course. My last lunch there was not very good. My usual country-fried steak was topped with a miserable gravy.

(My favorite was the waffle at Octane, a brunch dish.)