Omnivore - Web roundup: Caffeine on the cheap, black market beer, and more

What we're reading about what you're eating


  • @tipsforjesus

Following pressure from a food blogger, Chick-Fil-A has begun removing high fructose corn syrup from sandwich buns and artificial dyes from its chicken soup.

In case you missed it, a mysterious tipper, known only by the Instragram handle @tipsforjesus, has been sharing the gospel by leaving outrageously large amounts of money for servers all over the country.

Just in case you aren't sick of hearing about Sriracha, UV Vodka has released a new Sriracha flavored vodka.

Ever wonder where we fit in the world? According to NPR, ecologists have decided humans sit between pigs and anchovies on the global food chain.

Pass the caffeine, please. CaffeinAll is a new, dirt cheap caffeine powder that comes in 100 and 200 milligram bottles - the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee or a shot of espresso. Each powder boost will set you back 10 cents and 20 cents respectively.

A Vermont woman was cited for selling beer without a license after her Craigslist ad was reported to the Vermont Department of Liquor Control. The beer in question was Heady Topper, a notoriously rare brew heralded by Beer Advocate as the world's best IPA.