Omnivore - Pallookaville: where the corndogs are serious business

Jim Stacy unleashes his carnival aesthetic


Sometimes a corn dog is just a corn dog - even if it is twice the size of the ox penis kabob I ate at Bei Jing a year ago.

My friend Frank displays the "Fryenstein Monster" corn dog I ordered at Pallookaville Fine Foods last Friday. The new restaurant belongs to celebrity chef Jim Stacy and John Gianoulidis. Stacy has gained national attention for the carnival-style food truck that inspired this brick-and-mortar version in Avondale Estates.

Corn dogs have historically been one of those foods that make me instantly sick, usually because of the dreadful scrap meat and fat in the wiener itself. Stacy, however, is using sourced meats. My Fryenstein included three different links: kielbasa, an all-beef frank, and Italian sausage. What really distinguishes the corn dogs is the fluffy, sweet cornbread covering.

I also ordered a pork burger and a side of fries. I could barely eat half the meal.

I'll be writing a first look at Pallookaville next month. There's much more to explore here, including wacky milkshakes, such as one made with sriracha.