Omnivore - Jim Stacy's milkshake brings all the gluten-tolerant boys and girls to Pallookaville

Pallookaville Fine Foods is more than corn dogs



I paid another visit to Pallookaville Fine Foods for lunch Thursday and dared to try one of the milkshake specials: coffee ice cream, candied ginger, toasted coconut, molasses ... and Sriracha. I'm still debating its success taste-wise, but, hey, as conceptual art, it's a great analysis of the current American palate.

A sign on the outside of the door - gotta love the carnival font - warns customers they are approaching a largely vegan-free experience. In fact, owner Jim Stacy says he's developing more dishes for the gluten-intolerant and the meat-is-murder folks.

I've filed a "first look" at the restaurant for an upcoming issue.