Omnivore - Looking for Girl Scout cookies in Atlanta?

How to find 'em and new ways to eat 'em once you do.


  • Joeff Davis
  • Girl Scouts (from left) Ansley, Madison, Frida, Sage, and Erica, hype the cookies.

Earlier this month, the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta hosted a girl-led presser to commemorate the launch of the 2014 Girl Scout cookie season, which extends through mid-March. Good news for cookie fans: Figuring out where to find them is super easy these days ...

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  • Joeff Davis
  • Erin stands on her tippy toes to address the media at the Girl Scout press conference.

Just visit this page, scroll to the bottom, and enter your zip code in the search bar marked Find Cookies! to view a list of where and when cookies will be sold in your area. They've also got a mobile app for cookie-finding, and Little Brownie Bakers' Cookie Locator will do the job, too. Image

Interested in cookie applications besides throwing a stack of Thin Mints in the freezer? Give one of these Girl Scout sanctioned cookie recipes a try:

For dinner, there's the Do-Si-Dos Peanut Thai Chicken. Or perhaps a side of Samoas sweet potatoes to complement your meal.

For dessert, create Savannah Smiles lemon-blueberry parfaits, Trefoils cheesecake cups, Thin Mints brownies, or a Tagalongs milkshake.