Omnivore - The Hash: Miller Union's cake shaming, Virginia Willis gets a TV series, and more

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ON THE EDGE: New Zealander Bradley Ambrose made his very first s'more using the freshest lava he could find.

Miss out on Christmas dinner at Hogwarts? Harry Potter World in London is selling seats to two Valentine's Day dinners in the Great Hall. Let's hope everyone has a less awkward time than Harry and Cho Chang did.

Miller Union GM and co-owner Neal McCarthy recently let The New York Times in on his secret social media shaming. On Instagram, McCarthy posts photos of "hideous cakes" customers bring in. Things that cheapen Miller Union: cakes appropriate for a child's birthday party or that are decorated with the Grateful Dead logo.

A family in California ordered a chicken salad at Applebee's and received a bonus helping of human fingertip.

Science has found a way to cut pizza into infinity. The results are pretty cool, if you can stand not eating a hot pizza long enough to try it out.

From Jan. 18-23, Taqueria del Sol and The Giving Kitchen are rolling out "The Giving Taco," loaded with bacon, roasted corn, pickled jalapeños, cilantro mayo, and cotija cheese, during lunch and dinner at Atlanta and Athens Taqueria del Sol locations. All proceeds from The Giving Taco will benefit The Giving Kitchen, a nonprofit that provides support to restaurant workers in crisis.

Get more bang for your buck at Panera with awesome menu hacks, such as subbing meat for avocado for free. Then, head to Starbucks for a frappuccino from the secret Valentine's Day menu.

Renowned Southern chef Virginia Willis is getting her own TV show on PBS. Secrets of the Southern Table: A Food Lover's Tour of the Global South will showcase traditional and modern Southern cuisine with the help of those who help to create it.