Omnivore - The Hash: Zac Brown's wine line, felony cheese mongering, and more

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CROSSING STREAMS: It looks like Caribbean dishes are universally delicious, especially when they involve sugar.

Spoon University assigned every NFL team its own food item. First up, the Atlanta Falcons as hushpuppies. Then, the Carolina Panther as barbecue. No shade?

Georgia-grown musician Zac Brown is conceptualizing his own brand of "big, bold wines of uncommon finesse and character." No, the wines won't be made from Georgia grapes.

Sub oatmeal or brown rice and whole grains for flour in 23 gluten-free dishes, including oatmeal chocolate chip cookie breakfast cups and fig and ricotta flatbread pizzas with pesto.

No one's cheese habit compares to those of Wisconsin's team of cheese thieves, who made off with $160,000 worth of cheese goods in two separate incidents this month.

Cardamom ice cream mixed with beer cold brew sounds like a new, cool treat to bookmark for when warm weather rolls around.