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embed-1INNER GWYNS: Based on these reactions, Gwyneth Paltrow might need to name her "smoothie" line Goop.

The tradition of criminals who are betrayed by the munchies continues with the arrest of a Paris attacks suspect after four months on the run and an "unusually large order of pizzas."

Chipotle's reputation management continues with a guacamole giveaway. Guac heals all wounds?

Beautiful Briny Sea has released new hand-bended sugar blends and three new seasoning sets: vanilla daiquiri sugar, a lemon seasoning set (chile citron rub, lemon celery salt, lemon peppercorn), a honey seasoning set (ancho honey rub, truffled honey salt, garlic honey pepper), and a garlic seasoning set (garlic three ways, smoked garlic salt, herbed garlic pepper). All are available through Williams-Sonoma. Beautiful Briny Sea also released the Brooklynese cawffee shugah with heat sugar blend, sold exclusively through Fishs Eddy.

Celebrate Easter with grapefruit margaritas, pastel chocolate bark, and eggs painted to look like mini burgers.

Welcome back warm weather with a rosé or blueberry cream wine slushie.

The Atlanta Braves and Delaware North Sportservice are introducing new concessions items for the Braves' final season at Turner Field. New eats include the T.E.D (The Everything Dog – a footlong hotdog topped with fries, chili, nachos, beer cheese, jalapeños, popcorn, and Coca-Coca-infused barbecue sauce), the Tater Tot Chop (bacon, melted cheese, and jalapeños sandwiched between two tot waffles and served with Coke-infused ketchup), and the Punisher (a country-fried smoked rib covered in Monster-infused barbecue sauce and topped with a beer-battered onion ring and "slawsa" between candied bacon slices on a Hawaiian bun).