Omnivore - The Hash: Cinco de Mayo food and drink recipes, Venkman's launches a karaoke league, and more

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DRINK IT IN: Rainbow foods are taking over: the bagel, the doughnut, that other thing. But rainbow latte art is more impressive, more intriguing, and all-around prettier than the others.

Satisfy Cinco de Mayo taco cravings with chile lime shrimp tacos, beef tongue tacos, or crispy squash tacos. Wash everything down with Not-Mexican-Independence-Day drinks that aren't margaritas, such as a Fire & Smoke mezcal cocktail or a tequila manhattan.

McDonald's is testing out made-to-order garlic fries that customers prepare themselves, Chow Baby-style. No word on when they'll be nationwide, but feel free to salivate at the possibilities until then.

Venkman's has created Atlanta's very first competitive karaoke league. Launching this Thursday night, May 5 at 9 p.m., the eight-week season will involve groups of six to eight people singing their hearts out against one another to win the June 23 playoffs. Sounds like a good movie idea.

The United States has somehow acquired 1.2 billion pounds of domestic and international cheese – the largest stockpiles since 1984. So go ahead and get extra cheese on that slice. It's your civic duty. Someone let Paula Deen know there's a butter surplus as well.

Try out one of these 17 no-cooking-required (depending on your definition of "cook") recipes, such as avocado cucumber noodles with smoked salmon, Philly-style Italian hoagies, or white bean and kale salad with tahini dressing. Or get adventurous with cauliflower recipes that definitely involve cooking, such as slow-cooker cauliflower and cheese, cauliflower and scallion pancakes, or Parmesan baked cauliflower.