Omnivore - CL's #ATLDoughnutSmackdown needs your vote

Who has the best doughnut in all the land?

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Doughnuts are having a moment right now. To be fair, they never really went away — Krispy Kreme, the cronut craze, famed institutions such as the original Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Ore., etc. But the popularity of dedicated boutique doughnut shops is on the rise all over the country. The bulk of Atlanta’s doughnut renaissance is happening outside of Atlanta proper. Apart from a few intown mainstays, most of the magic is happening in the ‘burbs. With so many appealing options luring us ITP-ers to far-flung corners of metro Atlanta, we started to wonder which doughnuts were really worth the time and gas money.  

The Ultimate Doughnut Smackdown was born.

In hopes of finding the best doughnut in Atlanta, we did our homework and compiled a shortlist of contenders to pit against one another. We’re asking readers to cast their votes in order to fill one of the final slots. So, what do you think: What local doughnut shop has the best doughnuts in the land? 

Please keep in mind that if your favorite isn't among the choices listed on our little survey below, we may have already selected it as one of our top picks. Nevertheless, feel free to take advantage of the survey's write-in option. The shop that has the most votes by midnight on Sunday, July 3 will be added to this year’s lineup. So, cast your vote! Oh, and if there’s a specific doughnut at one of these places that you feel is particularly remarkable, let us know in the comments.

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