Review: Nakato (1)

Props for the Japanese dinosaur on Cheshire Bridge

Ah, the Japanese steakhouse, the ultimate in gee-whiz dining. For many, Japanese steakhouses are the default choice for birthday/date night/family get-together eating. There’s a chef who kind of acts like a clown! It’s sort of ethnic, but the food is totally safe and familiar! We don’t have to talk to each other because there’s someone throwing spatulas around!

Nakato's been the king of Japanese steakhouses in Atlanta for 35 years. The restaurant's divided into two rooms, one for the hibachi grills and one that’s geared toward more traditional dining. It’s the hibachi room that’s always full, however. The garden room, where the sushi bar resides, stays relatively quiet. And that's a shame because Nakato serves some of the city’s most varied and interesting Japanese dishes.

(Photo by James Camp)