The Last Word - Forget the raise, what should we give City Hall politicians?

The Last Word

At the end of October, a blue-ribbon commission said that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and City Council members deserved a hefty raise. Whether you agree with those recommendations or not, we want to know - good or bad - what else the folks running our fair city deserve.

All politics is local. Give credit where credit is due, and be honest. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.
"If they are not up to the job then they need to be removed from office, not rewarded."?- "chillax" at clatl.com

"A swift kick in the ass?"?- "Alex Mendez" on facebook.com/clatl

"We should give them more time off so they could think."?- Phyllis, in downtown

"A walk in our shoes."?- Justin, in downtown

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