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I like my clothing to be girly



TOTAL: $44.23


Polka-dot dress: $10

?? ??

Blue tulle skirt: $10


Jersey motorcycle jacket: $9.99


Hair bow headband: $4.25



What are your thrifting/bargain-hunting tips?

Make a plan before you go shopping on what types of items you'd like to purchase. Be flexible with your time — finding good items can sometimes take a lot of searching! Try out new stores when possible and always go through the sale rack. If a shop has an online store, sometimes you can browse that to get an idea of what is in stock at the moment.

What's your favorite vintage/thrift piece?

A neon-green, furry, zebra-print mini skirt by Betsey Johnson. I think it was made in the early '90s based on the high-waist cut.

Best place to score vintage in Atlanta?

Psycho Sisters is always my first go-to.

What is your style philosophy?

I only wear things that make me feel amazing and really happy. I like my clothing to be girly, cute and look like it jumped out of a cartoon. Bright colors, unique textures and bold designs are my favorite. If what I'm wearing is fun and brings a smile to my face (or others'), I know I've picked a good outfit for the day.

How has Atlanta influenced your personal style?

I think living downtown has allowed me to become more daring with my style. People are pretty laid-back and open-minded around here, and I feel comfortable knowing I won't be bothered if I'm wearing something out of the ordinary. I also enjoy people-watching around downtown to pick up ideas on new ways to style old items.

What do you like about wearing vintage clothes?

I love having a unique piece of clothing that you can't get anywhere else! It makes me feel like it's more personal to my own style.

What single article of clothing could you not live without?

Probably my slouchy motorcycle boots. I wear them all year round — they look great with just about anything and are wide enough to wear stockings or leg warmers inside for good warmth when needed.

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