Some sexy mollusks and crustaceans: Oyster Crawfish Fest at Park Tavern


Back in February, our Food Intern Kelsey Clodfelter posted this story about Valentine's Day noms, and of course Oysters played a main role in many of the menus. Thankfully, those slimy suckers aren't strictly used for wooing your sweetheart in the middle of February.

The folks at Park Tavern are hosting the Oyster Crawfish Festival for the 9th time on Saturday, March 31. They plan on having over ten thousand pounds of crawfish (which I find just really cute, is that weird?) alongside every incarnation of the oyster you could imagine. You can even get a basket of fried shrimp and oysters: a veritable oceanic mélange of flavors.

To top it off, they are going to have musical performances by a smattering of people with names as sexy as those little bivalve mollusks, too. Cowboy Mouth, Heavy Mojo, The Soulphonics, Ruby Velle, and The Squirrelheads will all be providing outstanding musical ambiance as you suck down those crawdads and slurp up those oysters. (Ok, maybe squirrels aren't exactly sexy...or the word slurp).

AND THE ALCOHOL. Gosh guys how could I forget. They are going to have a 16-foot "ultimate" Bloody Mary Bar complete with Smirnoff and all the fixin's, plus brews from Abita, Heineken, and that drink of interesting people, Dos Equis.

Obvs you gotta be 21 to go, and the party starts at 2. Also, the tickets are only $15, which is redonk.

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