Why do notable Atlantans love Atlanta?

Because sundown comes so late

?”One of my favorite discoveries when I first moved here from Portland, Ore., was that it never gets dark in Atlanta. Well, that’s not entirely true — it eventually gets dark — but it gets dark here later than just about anywhere else.

“We’re about as far west as you can get in the Eastern time zone, and as a result even at the winter solstice it doesn’t get dark until 5:30 or so. That (and the weather, of course) makes winters here a lot more tolerable.

“Of course, there’s a small trade-off — the sun rises later in the morning as well — but NBA writers rarely cross paths with sunrise.”
?— John Hollinger, NBA writer and analyst, ESPN.com

Because we have our own terminology

?”ATL, SWATS South West Atlanta Too Strong, Old NAT’L, and, of course, ATLien — all invented by Dungeon Family artists. Also, true Atlantans also know that the only ‘T’ found in ‘Atlanna’ comes in a glass with lots of sugar and a lil lemon.”
— Michelle “ATLien” Brown, hip-hop/gossip blogger, StraightFromTheA.com

Because of the Hotlanta summers

?”Everyone goes out and has fun, loses 10 pounds from sweating, and the ladies wear cool shorts.”
?— William Silbernagel, head chef at the Bookhouse and proprietor of Bookie Macarons

Because of a King of Pops Chocolate Sea Salt popsicle

?— Richard Garner, actor and producing artistic director, Shakespeare Festival

Because of the soul food restaurants

?”I especially love the fish and chicken at Busy Bee.”
?— 2 Chainz, Atlanta rapper, formerly known as Tity Boi