Virginia-Highland/Morningside Wish List


1) "I'd like to see the Beltline reach its full vision, not only to alleviate the general congestion around the area, but also to relieve the traffic on the few main roads in the Virginia-Highland area." — Suong Nguyen, 29, public relations, Virginia-Highland resident

2) "Probably the top of our list would be intensive sidewalk improvements. Next would be more picnic tables in John Howell Park. There is only one at present. Third would be a four-way stop at Barnett Street and Virginia Circle. One of our parks should have a basketball court for the children." — George Beasley, 69, and Judy Beasley, 68, Virginia-Highland residents since 1970. Judy is a ceramic artist and George is a retired professor emeritus at Georgia State University and sculptor.

3) "I would like to see a more customer-friendly PARKatlanta in the neighborhood. The way PARKatlanta operates, it really detracts from the intown experience. Alternatively, the neighborhood could be renamed Parklanta-Highland, because typically PARKatlanta is the first to greet you and the one to send you off with your personalized farewell card.

"I would like to see more responsible pet owners. There has been an explosion of pet owners over the past decade in the neighborhood. We love our three dogs, and we pick up after them. I don't know if it's in the dark of the night that the poop fairy comes and drops poop all throughout the neighborhood streets and sidewalks, but I think rather it is a bunch of lazy pet owners. Alternatively, again, a name change might be called for ... Poopginia-Highland?

"Lastly, rude people in their European cars (yes, domestic too, I guess), doing their best to run you and your family down in the crosswalks. If you're in such a hurry, take Briarcliff or leave earlier. Give us safe passage in the crosswalk so we can get across North Highland! Well, sure, why not Dieinthecrosswalk-Highland. Guess it does not roll off the tongue like other options." — Rob Glancy, 45, independent mortgage broker, RateCapital Inc.

4) "It would be great if Virginia-Highland had more recycling options for apartment dwellers. I'm sure that renters in the neighborhood would appreciate a small recycling center closer than a few miles away. Also — if it's not too much to ask — I would love to see more galleries and less douchey bars." — Stephanie Gill, 26, grad student/resident

5) "I'd like a better sense of community within the Highlands. Most of the people I know live here and I see them on a regular basis at my bar, but I would enjoy some community building with them as well. Something like projects — how did Future Park take so long to put together? If they needed a gravel path laid, I am sure five people from the neighborhood would have just done it. Or parties, more than just the movie and social the night before Summerfest, or just general information. There may be a large community network that I just don't know about, in which case better publication or availability of that. It just bothers me that this is such a rich and vibrant community of local shops and restaurants and bars, and yet I feel like so few people truly know each other." — Josh Jacob, 29, bartender/resident

6) "I would like to see the continued business climate of owner-operated shops and restaurants who bring such a community feel to the Virginia-Highland area.?"The intersection of Virginia and North Highland avenues was improved with wider sidewalks, lighting and more pedestrian-friendly walkways. I would like to see our City Council approve the funds for the area south of that intersection, between Drewry Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue, also improved with the same amenities. It seems Park ATL is here to stay, thus much better signage and markings for those coming into the Virginia-Highland area, as it makes an impact on our customer base when they are ticketed and choose never to return to the area." - Sandra Spoon, 50, owner, Atkins Park Restaurants & Bars and Ormsby's, resident since 1985

7) "I'd like to see a reduction in crime and the homeless population brought about by an increase in police foot patrols and not just the rolling down North Highland 'show of force' or DUI checkpoints." - Sean O'Neill, 42, chef/resident

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