East Atlanta/Ormewood Park Wish List

1) "I've had conversations about having a small local, organic market in the village — a Sevananda-type place. ... East Atlanta Village wants a local organic market. I mean, the farmers market is here every Thursday. It just makes sense." — Jason Robert Elliott, 33, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children lead singer

2) "I'd like to see a comprehensive plan for sidewalk repair and improvement. The current process and application of the city code is inconsistent. Some sidewalks are repaired or improved through capital improvement projects and others are the responsibility of the homeowner. A comprehensive plan would create consistency citywide." — Ana Allain, South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development president

3) "Ormewood Park is such a cozy neighborhood. People really live in their front yards, and we all know each other well. It would be so nice to have a family-friendly pub or bar that didn't require us to cross Moreland or Glenwood avenues." — Laurel Snyder, 40, children's book author and mother, Ormewood Park resident

4) "I have heard a lot of talk about what kind of business will go on the property of the former Jiffy Mart at the corner of Moreland and Ormewood avenues. I really hope that it will end up being something that serves our community and enhances our already incredible, charming neighborhood, such as a great market or a restaurant." — Jenny Jensen Minkewicz, art broker and mother

5) "The first thing on my wish list would be a grocery store with affordable, good quality produce." — Brandon Tidwell, 40, Bear Maker Bakery co-founder, Ormewood Park resident

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