Clarkston Wish List

1) "We need more sidewalks and bike paths. They're really bad here and people need them to get around." — Janice Giddens, Food Security Coordinator for the Clarkston Community Garden

2) "For more people in Atlanta to be aware of all the good growing in Clarkston." — Jeremy Lewis, 35, executive director of Clarkston Development Foundation

3) "They could improve everything. There's no banks and we need more businesses to fill in the vacant buildings." — Michael Dell, 64, owner of Records Galore

4) "Clarkston needs more volunteers for adult-literacy and youth-tutoring programs. A small weekly commitment can make an enormous difference for refugee women and children, their families, and the whole community." — Emily Pelton, executive director of Refugee Family Services

5) "A pedestrian crossing over Indian Creek Road." — McKenzie Wren, director of Clarkston Community Center