CityGuide - 6 restaurants to keep things light

Skip the rich dishes and hot chili and hit up these Atlanta restaurants to help beat the summer heat

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Early summer in Atlanta can be a confusing time. On one hand, you finally get to shed layers and go on vacation and hang out by the pool! But on the other hand, you have that pesky malevolent mugginess to deal with that just wasn’t there a month ago. It’s, like, jarring. But you get used to it. By Independence Day everyone’s accepted that the blistering-hot steering wheels and the inescapable perma-sweat are not cruel forms of infernal punishment, but plain old, everyday life things. “They do call it Hotlanta,” you say to yourself — but not aloud. Never aloud.

Summer in the city is not the time for rich osso bucco or hot chili. Here are six Atlanta restaurants that (for the most part) make it easy to keep things light.


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