Mayor says "no thanks, we'd like to avoid chaos"

we'd like to avoid chaos

Atlanta entrusted one of mankind's most vital resources to a private French company called United Water way back during the glorious days of Mayor Bill Campbell. It didn't work out too well.

The rabble rousers at the Fulton County Taxpayers Association have been pushing Mayor Shirley Franklin to take a walk down memory lane and reconsider doing business with the company. They say it would save taxpayers $20 million annually.

If ever there were an example of peace of mind being worth paying for, this is it.

Franklin politely told them no:

In the past several weeks I have received a series of letters requesting that the city renew a relationship with United Water, a private French company that ran the City's water operations in the late 1990's through 2002. This request first appeared in a mailing from the Fulton County Taxpayers Association. I write now to explain we are not interested in pursuing your recommendation.

Whew. View the organization's response to Franklin here.

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