"Post Acid" shows off a cleaner, robust Wavves

robust Wavves

The new Wavves album, King of The Beach is slated to hit the streets Tues., Aug. 3. In the meantime iTunes will be offering an exclusive download of the album beginning Thurs., July 1, and it will hit other digital outlets on Tues., July 13. The civilized world still has to wait until that oh so distant street date of Aug. 3 before the CD/LP shows up at local record shops.

In the meantime, a new song from the album,"Post Acid" is available for download via Mt. Dew's Green Label Sound, or you can click on the player on the right to give it a listen.

The Mt. Dew part of the equation here feels a little suspicious, considering how unrefined and underground Wavves has been, and I'm wondering if we'll soon hear Wavves songs being turned into jingles for the Pepsi Co., which actually might not be a bad thing.

"Post Acid" is a robust, clean departure for Wavves' main man Nathan Williams. Gone is the overdose of reverb, and the squelching feedback and distortion that occurs naturally when burying the needles in the red as an aesthetic choice. If anything "Post Acid" shows a tremendous amount of growth sinking in for Williams in a short amount of time. Yes, he did release two different self-titled albums with virtually the same cover, so the time to move on is neigh. It's also important to note that Williams has continued working with Jay Retard's former band mates bassist Stephen Pope and drummer Billy Hayes, and that King of the Beach was recorded at Sweet Tea Recording in Oxford, Mississippi with producer Dennis Herring. Herring is perhaps best known for his work with Elvis Costello and the Impostors, Modest Mouse and the Hives. All of these things bode well in fleshing out a new, refined Wavves sound.

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