Morning Newsdome: Afghanistan and Taliban in "secret" war-ending talks, except we know about them

except we know about them


>> After "inconclusive" meetings in Saudi Arabia over a year ago, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Taliban representatives have begun "secret, high-level talks" negotiating an end to the war. These Taliban representatives are reportedly "fully authorized" to speak for the Pakistani Taliban for the first time. And if we know anything from the Israel-Palestine talks, closure will be here in no time. (the Washington Post)

>> India surprisingly cheered wildly for Pakistan at Sunday's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, signaling new-found goodwill that the two countries' relationship is easing. Bend it like Pakistan. (the Christian Science Monitor)

>> A toxic spill in Hungary Monday that has hit seven towns and killed four people could take a year to clean up. The spill from an alumina plant has covered the towns in red sludge and may soon spread to the Danube and Raba rivers. That'll definitely bring down home resale prices. (BBC News)

>> Everyone freaked out when professional muckraker Bob Woodward (and I use "muckraker" with utmost respect) told CNN yesterday that Hillary Clinton switching positions with Joe Biden is "a real possibility for 2012." A senior adviser has claimed there's "absolutely nothing to it," but then again Clinton said for years she would never run for president. (CNN)

>> And finally: During a speech at Fortunes's Most Powerful Women Summit (huh?), President Obama's presidential seal fell from the podium in a series of noisy thuds. He quickly came back, saying "That's all right. All of you know who I am." Must be an omen. (YouTube via Politico)