Monica Pearson “hunts” Beverly Hall in Hawaii, rubs it in

rubs it in

Because no one has seen or heard from Dr. Beverly Hall since she skipped town on June 30 — not exactly true — WSBTV’s Monica Pearson was determined to “hunt her down” and insist the former Atlanta Public Schools superintendent answer to the damning report. Which means one thing: VAY-CAY IN HAWAIIIIIIIII!

Here’s the intrepid Pearson in a teaser from last night’s 11 o’clock broadcast. Never — never — has a reporter been more enthusiastic in her pursuit of a story (watch the video here):

Pearson says they’ll tell us “what” they found in Hawaii today at 4, 5 and 6 p.m. Hmmm. Maui’s best Mai Tai? Self-actualization? (From the looks of Pearson, DEFINITELY.)

As the brilliant Thomas Wheatley wondered on Twitter, “What happens if Monica Pearson’s “search” for Beverly Hall in Hawaii ends up like Geraldo and Al Capone’s vault?” Hey, at least she made some memories along the way.

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