APD says, "See something, say something" - but can 911 handle it?

say something - but can 911 handle it?

APD: "See Something...Say Something" PSA from ATL26 on Vimeo.

The APD has launched a new crime awareness campaign called "See something, say something," which encourages citizens to call 911 whenever they see suspicious activity.

In a ... nifty PSA (the music is very "Flight of the Navigator"), Chief Turner says, "Homeland security starts with hometown security ... As you commute to and from work, attend sporting events, movies, concerts, or dine out at your favorite restaurant, you have the opportunity to become our additional eyes and ears ... If you see suspicious activity say something by calling 911."

Ick. A brochure for the campaign realizes its necessary to remind people that "suspicion should be based on a person’s actions and not on their appearance, race, nationality or sex."