New transportation tax online ad features kryptonite cars, zero buses, and noted traffic expert 'Weather Channel"

The Metro Atlanta Voter Education Fund, part of the business community's campaign to sway voters to approve the regional transportation tax on July 31, rolled out a new online ad yesterday. The 2-minute clip is easy on the eyes and ears - unlike the dream sequence that campaign officials pulled from my nightmares - and urges viewers to learn more about the 1-percent sales tax at MAVEN's website. A few observations:

  • When, if ever, will these ads prominently feature a bus or rail system? Is metro Atlanta still that frightened by the criminal chariots known as "transit?" (Yes, we caught a brief glimpse of light rail in a previous ad.)
  • Look at that skyline behind the glowing radioactive cars. Maybe we could have that kind of skyline if we don't continue to devolve into a sprawling blob of dysfunction.
  • "It's no wonder that the Weather Channel recently declared Atlanta's congestion issues 'the worst traffic in the South.'" We've officially run out of people to quote about traffic congestion.