"Homeland," Season 2, Episode 9

Season 2, Episode 9


"Two Hats" is the ninth episode of "Homeland's" second season, but it may also represent a preview of next year. Against the backdrop of the Brody/Nazir plot, "Two Hats" plant seeds of a secret investigation within the task force, which will doubtless have ramifications for Season Three. Sometimes it's hard to ignore news of TV show season renewals and simply enjoy a story on an episode-by-episode basis. It's like reading a big scene in a book and noticing, "This can't be almost over - there's like 200 pages to go!"

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego Congressman Brody? Team Quinn scrambles for answers as the helicopter apparently vanished into thin air the night before and "Terrorist chatter across all hot zones is virtually nonexistent." (Did I mention how I love contemporary spy jargon?) Carrie and company conclude that even if Brody's not physically dead, he's "operationally" dead, and they have no choice but to arrest Roya as their last lead. Carrie's putting a brave face on it.