"The Good Wife" Season 4, Episode 13 Recap

Episode 13 Recap


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  • "Your Honor I would like to present Exhibit A: my face"

Another fantastic week for "The Good Wife." "The Seven Day Rule" was an episode that probably worked ok on its own, but seemed designed specifically to benefit long-time fans with a complex narrative (not seen all too often on network procedurals). It incorporated familiar aspects and faces (particularly the appearance of Neil Gross, the CEO of ChumHum, one of the show's favorite Google-esque targets), but it also played upon old rivalries and set up plenty to come.

The Case of the Week mostly took a back seat to the emotional arc, which dealt with Alicia's sudden promotion to equity partner. Alicia's feelings on the matter - from initial confusion, accepting revelry, further confusions, disappointment and eventual cynicism (ending with acceptance, if not revelry) - were felt alongside those watching. "A fourth year, made partner you say?" Well it is St. Alicia. But "The Good Wife" tends to not be so transparent in its fan service, so surely something was up? Oh, indeed.

The first blow came from David Lee, who loves to spoil a party, that the equity part of the partnership means that a $600,000 buy-in is required. Later, he slips in, in front of Alicia, that Cary was also made partner, truly souring her day (despite their alliance). Later, on the stand, she finds out that all five fourth-years were made partner. By the hammer of Thor! Pout time!