"The Good Wife" Season 4, Episode 14

Episode 14


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  • Do you think they've figured it out yet that we represent the bad guys?

Hey, "The Good Wife" was back last night! Who knew? One of the worst parts about the show being moved to Sundays, - i.e., CBS's "classy" way of trying to smother it to death - is its irregular schedule. Just when the momentum was building this season after the holiday break, boom! Them's the breaks. Literally.

"Red Team, Blue Team" was full of hard knocks, from Cary and Alicia being denied equity partnership (kinda) to the two of them going up again Will and Diane in "take no prisoners" mode for their mock trial, and then of course Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) catching the feds in their own wiretapping game in an amazingly strange and entertaining subplot.

Though the main thrust of the episode was nothing more than a tired rehash (Will and Alicia have a moment of weakness after months of nothingness, Alicia gets the partnership because "Alicia," Cary relegated to standing on the outside of things), the rest of it was great. The mock trial introduced a new and fun way to hash out what would otherwise be a normal courtroom scene, and "The Good Wife" once again showed its intelligence illustrating Modern Things (such as cyber shills - which are completely and horrifyingly legal), mostly regarding the Internet and Kids These Days. But truly, the show does present esoteric ethical questions regarding nefarious uses for quickly changing technology in a way no other show on TV does. This week, though, it expanded its scope, and the government also received a blow, as well.