SEE & DO: 'Artificially Intelligent'

Women-run comedy group Critical Crop Top's latest show melds physical comedy, political satire and fart jokes

No value assignedTechnology, misinformation and absurd societal trends are the themes of not only our daily life, but also of feminist comedy group Critical Crop Top's latest show. The socially conscious comedians will tackle these topics in "Artificially Intelligent," the first sketch-comedy act of the troupe's Summer of Sketch series. In addition to live comedy, the woman-run production company uses short films, web series and the "Feminine Mistake" podcast to confront uncomfortable topics through laughter. "Artificially Intelligent," starring Sarah Alison Hodges, Vanessa Aranegui, Nicole Kemper, Laura Meyers and more, will include an artful medley of physical comedy, political satire and fart jokes, in addition to spoken word by Theresa Davis and musical guest Kenzie Rowland. $10. Fri., June 23, 8 p.m.; Sun., June 25, 7 p.m. The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge, 644 N. Highland Ave. N.E. www.criticalcroptop.com.

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