SEE & DO: 'Exstasis'

CL Best of Atlanta Critics Pick for 'Best Reason to be Excited for the Future of Dance in Atlanta' debuts tonight

Photo credit: Joseph Guay

With a score featuring everything from classical music to R&B and a concept deeply rooted in Atlanta, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre makes its debut."Exstasis"is inspired by the human search for feelings of ecstasy and the need to feel superhuman, if only for a moment. The collective of classically trained dancers has 85 combined years of experience with ballet and modern dance. The name Terminus is a nod to Atlanta's railroad past, but also to the intersecting cultures and experience that make shows like"Exstasis"possible.

$25-$50. Thurs.-Sat., Oct. 12-14, 8 p.m.; Sun., Oct. 15, 5 p.m. Westside Cultural Arts Center, 760 10th St. N.W. 470-733-8274. www.terminus-serenbe.com.