Roll Call: DJ/Producer Stan Zeff

The London native talks about his house music party, Tambor, and more

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HEY DJ: Stan Zeff at the turntables during one of his Tambor events

How has your event, Tambor, and the sound its become known for helped Atlanta evolve into a house music capital?

Well, the Tambor party started eight years ago in a small club in East Atlanta Village called Cenci. It was an underground party, to which only certain people knew about it. Promotion was pretty much word of mouth with very little social media. The house music played at the event was very much a universal and international sound that people embraced and loved. The music mainly came out of New York, Chicago, Europe, and the African diaspora.

Tambor, in short, is an Afro-Cuban word that means "drum ceremony." So the music is based off of that sound. I've invited legendary house music DJs to Atlanta like Louie Vega, Danny Krivit, Terry Hunter, Osunlade and Black Coffee to name a few. Starting the parties with these guests was really a wake up call to the dance community around the world to let them know that this small city Atlanta has a thriving house scene and it worked; the Tambor Party was on the map as a premier party, not just in Atlanta but internationally.

How has Tambor grown since you created it?

The Tambor Party runs every third Saturday of a month at WildPitch in Downtown Atlanta. This is the Atlanta residency for the party; however, as the party has grown in popularity, I have had to take the party to several clubs around the world for people to experience the unique sound and vibe. I have upcoming events in London, Paris, and Amsterdam to name a few.

How would you describe what you bring to the table as a DJ?

As a DJ, my main concern is to inspire people to dance. I play what I call "world dance music" that is based from the Afro and Latin diaspora. When that is fused with the beat of house music you get a wonderful sound that you have no choice but to dance to it.

I created a record label called Tambor in response to numerous requests from social media fans, as well as people who have attended the parties. The label is based on the Tambor sound rhythmic Afro-Latin dance music. I have released compilations and singles from different artists as well as my own productions. The label has allowed a way to further develop and grow the Tambor brand into being a well-rounded musical entity from Atlanta.


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