PREMIERE: Delorean Gray reveals 'Chrome Bikini'

Ex-Fake Flowers mastermind undergoes a Ziggy Stardust-style transformation

Culled from the ashes of goth-inflected new wave/indie outfit Fake Flowers, Delorean Gray emerges as a transformed man. What is essentially the solo project of singer, guitarist, keyboard player, songwriter, producer, and CL music scribe Jacob Chisenhall, is a cosmic pleasure cruise into a sci-fi fantasy universe.

"Chrome Bikini" is the first single from Delorean Gray's forthcoming debut album, Star Tropics, due out Jan. 25. The video, created by Jake Kruse and Zoe Endris, is one chapter in an ongoing saga based on a story that Chisenhall is currently writing blends classic exotica and rich, 27th century pop melodies. Imagine if the Beach Boys went on an away mission from the U.S.S. Enterprise under the tutelage of Captain Kirk and Spock, and you're in the right solar system.

What's really at work here is a Ziggy Stardust-style transformation for Chisenhall, illustrating a different persona that's playing a different kind of music, and he's having some fun with it. Press play and crash land on a vacation planet where the adventure begins.

Delorean Gray plays the Star Tropics album release party at 529 on Fri., Jan. 26. More details are coming soon.

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