Healthy resolutions start with healthy eating

Good Measure Meals offers solutions for meeting your healthy New Year's resolutions. (Sponsored)

If losing weight is one of your New Year’s resolutions, a new gym membership isn’t the only thing you will need. To achieve your goals, a healthy diet should be an essential part of your plan. When considering nutrition there are tons of dietary options. Between frozen foods, meal plans, and diet-friendly recipes and cookbooks, maintaining a healthy diet can be a difficult field to navigate.

So why not ask an expert?

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Since 2004, Good Measure Meals has been preparing healthy meals around metro Atlanta. Founded by Tom Murphy of Murphy’s restaurant in Virginia Highlands in partnership with Open Hand Atlanta who provides medically-appropriate meals and education for people in Atlanta who are too sick to cook for themselves, or nutritionally at-risk and in need. Good Measure Meals’ vision of Nutrition for All provides catering, corporate wellness programming, and personal nutrition support with their meal plans programs. Creative Loafing asked the registered dietitian experts at Good Measure Meals about eating healthy and how Good Measure Meals can keep us on track for healthy resolutions.

CL: We know diet is important to losing weight, how does GMM help achieve this goal?

Good Measure Meals: A calorie deficit is necessary for weight loss. In other words “calories in” (food and beverages) must be less than “calories out” (resting metabolic rate, activities of daily living, and planned exercise). Everyone needs a different number of calories to maintain -and lose- weight based on their age, height, weight, gender, activity level and a variety of other factors. Our customer service team and registered dietitians help customers determine their calorie needs and select the best plan for their goals. Good Measure Meals’ meal plans are calorie-controlled, so they can promote weight loss for customers who select the appropriate calorie level.

CL: What is the biggest misconception people have about meal plan services like Good Measure Meals?

GMM: There are a few misconceptions actually. First, that it’s just for weight loss. Depending on the calorie level you choose, the meals can just be a healthy, convenient and delicious option for busy people. Another misconception is that pre-packaged food can’t be fresh or taste good. Try our meals and you will find quite the opposite. It’s real food, cooked locally here in Atlanta, with chef-inspired flavors and delivered fresh (not frozen or dehydrated).

CL: With so many meal options available now, what sets GMM apart?

GMM: First, they’re calorie-controlled to give those seeking weight loss an easy way to meet their goals. Many meal plans are advertised as “healthy” or “clean” but if they’re providing more calories than an individual needs, they won’t promote weight loss.

Second, GMM meals are macronutrient balanced to promote health, and keep customers satisfied and energized. The macro breakdown of each meal aligns with Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range with 48% calories from complex carbs, 30% calories from healthy fats, and 22% calories from lean protein.

Third, our meals are designed based on nutrition science to promote health and prevent and manage conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. GMM1318Courtesy of Good Measure MealsSpecifically, they are: heart healthy – aligned with nutrition guidelines for managing blood pressure and high cholesterol (sodium and saturated-fat controlled); and diabetic friendly – providing consistent carbs from nutrient-dense fruits, veggies, grains and beans for steady blood sugar control.

CL: Dessert, what about dessert, what is recommended for sweet cravings during and after dinner?

GMM: Our dietitians recommend a small amount of the real thing – this tends to be most satisfying. Simple recommendations for not over-doing it would be to try single-serve options like ice cream bars instead of a pint of ice cream, or individually wrapped chocolate squares instead of a chocolate bar. Fruit is also a great source of natural sugar, plus provides fiber for fullness and a host of nutrients and antioxidants.

CL: Lastly, what about beverages. What do you recommend to drink and/or stay away from when considering healthy meal planning?

GMM: We recommend sticking to as much water as possible and limiting sugary beverages such as cola, sweet tea, juice, sports drinks, energy drinks and flavored coffee beverage. Sugar-sweetened beverages contribute lots of empty calories to our daily intake and thus can work against weight loss goals. You can boost the flavor of plain water without sugar by adding pieces of fresh fruit and herbs. Try sparkling versions, or add a splash of juice to seltzer.


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