Atlanta mayoral candidates weigh in on Handel and Ossoff's congressional contest

Spoiler alert: Not much Handel-backing in the race to replace Kasim Reed

Image HE'S FOR OSSOFF: Mayoral candidate Vincent FortJoeff Davis/CL FileThe heated, expensive contest between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff is coming to an end. Today, Georgia voters will cast ballots to determine who will succeed Tom Price in the District 6 Congressional seat. The post, which was recently vacated when President Donald Trump tapped Price for secretary of health and human services, represents a swath of suburban Georgia just north of Atlanta.

Handel, the Jesus-following, gun-loving conservative candidate, has been narrowly trailing the new guy, Ossoff, in the polls. Ossoff is the young Democratic candidate, hell-bent on ringing every prospective voter's doorbell and dead set on being a thorn in Trump's side.

Meanwhile, down in Atlanta, a nine-strong slate of candidates is doing its own canvassing, looking forward to the Nov. 7 election to replace Mayor Kasim Reed. Creative Loafing asked the lot who they're rooting for in today's face-off. We'll update the post as needed.

Vincent Fort: Ossoff "I support Jon Ossoff; that's the best way to resist Trump. We need to resist Trump on June 20 and again on Nov. 7," he says, marketing himself as a formidable force against the new presidential administration.

Michael Sterling: Ossoff "I'm pulling for Ossoff," he says in an email. "We are both Democrats challenging the status quo of entrenched politicians that haven't solved the real challenges that people face every day. We share many of the same common sense approaches to government, and I believe he will make a great partner with the City of Atlanta when I am mayor in addressing serious issues like climate change, job and workforce development, and growing Atlanta's startup and technology sector.?۝

Cathy Woolard: Ossoff "I'm with Ossoff," she says via text message. "Though I don't live in District 6, so it's a theoretical construct.?۝

Mary Norwood: N/A "I'm only involved in the City of Atlanta," she tells us in a text. "No others.?۝

Ceasar Mitchell: Ossoff "All eyes are on Georgia's 6th District and for good cause," he says in a statement. "Folks are fired up! It's encouraging to see so many people inspired and motivated to effect change, especially given our current national political landscape. As a Democrat who believes in progressive, transparent and inclusive governance, I fully support Jon Ossoff. He has shown himself to be focused, disciplined and ready to offer a new voice, which can ultimately benefit all Atlantans. I also hope the unprecedented levels of engagement continues after this race. It's a reminder that the political process is truly about the people.?۝

Kwanza Hall: Ossoff "The aspect of this congressional race that is most exciting to me is the level of voter engagement," he says in a text message. "We have a lot of local leadership decisions to make in the coming months, and I hope this level of civic engagement and discourse continues in Atlanta.?۝

John Eaves: Ossoff "Atlanta's importance to the nation, indeed the world, is again on display today in the election of our next member of Congress from our 6th Congressional District," he says in a statement sent to CL. "I am a proud Democrat! I believe in the same principles of which many Democratic leaders have stood for in the past and do today and will tomorrow. And like my fellow Democrat ???brother,' Jon Ossoff, in his important race today, I have enjoyed the support of our Democrat ???fathers and mothers,' including Andrew Young, John Lewis, Shirley Franklin, Roy Barnes to name a few. And Maynard Jackson's spirit exudes throughout as we all push forward to a new and prosperous city and nation.

"Jon is already fighting Trump and Republican policies that will hurt and harm Atlantans, especially the middle-class and poor. I am, too. What say the Republicans in the race for mayor: Mary Norwood and Peter Aman? Where do they stand? Like Karen Handel, do Norwood and Aman stand with Trump? I stand with Jon Ossoff and the Democrats. And as Atlanta's next mayor, I welcome Jon's ascension to the U.S. House as we look forward to bringing that same energy to Atlanta City Hall.?۝

Peter Aman: "I am running to be mayor for every single person in this city, and I reject the increasingly partisan national atmosphere. To be an effective mayor, you must be an effective partner with our state and federal officials, regardless of party, to ensure Atlanta competes for and receives funding for major programs that will advance our city. These include the issues I hear about every day from voters such as improving our roads and transit network, ensuring our police officers and firefighters have the equipment they need to keep our city safe and providing childhood development birth to age 3 to give our children a strong start. As I have said to both the Young Democrats of Atlanta and the Fulton County Republican Party, I am a pro-growth Democrat. I am excited to have supporters from both the Handel and Ossoff campaigns. Personally, I do not want partisan rancor to divide our city. That's why I'll be a mayor that works for all of Atlanta."

Keisha Lance Bottoms: nothin' yet

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