Roll Call with Eddie Gold

The Zone 6 DJ and producer likes babes, waves, and wugs

No value assignedWho are you?
My name is Eddie Gold. I am a music producer/DJ. I live in East Atlanta (Zone 6). I am in search of the perfect babe for me and I like to ride waves when I am by the ocean. A lot of my time is spent in a studio writing music for countless hours. The other half is spent playing shows across the land.

Describe yourself in three words.
Live the dream.

If you could start one trend what would it be?
No more war.

If you could end what trend would it be?

Weed? Or Hugs?
Wugs ........ Definitely Wugs.

What song do you wish you had written?
“Stairway to Heaven.”

What monster scares you the most?
Dude, it has to be the twins from The Shining. They always creep me out.

Who in Atlanta deserves a raise?
Glenn Goodhand and Madeleine Goodhand. They have done so much for Atlanta and my music career. They are constantly helping others out. For those who don't know. They own and operate Imagine Music Festival and Iris Presents. They have a festival next weekend at The Atlanta Motor Speedway. I will be playing the main stage on Saturday!

Eddie Gold plays the Imagine Festival on Sat., Aug. 27.

$99-$419. 3 p.m. on Fri., Aug. 26; noon on Sat., Aug. 27 and Sun., Aug. 28. Atlanta Motor Speedway, 1500 Tara Pl., Hampton, GA.