Time and Place: On the ground in Lake Claire

A foot and a prayer

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This week's Time and Place photo was shot at Kashi Atlanta, an urban yoga ashram in Lake Claire. I chose it because I liked how the image connects the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. The woman’s foot is underneath her body as she sits in a position of worship. I love to photograph these type of classes. It is as if the students are in a spiritual trance and I can observe, capture, and create without having to direct people to fit the frame. The students and teacher are so focused that I can capture their essence in a true intimate moment of blissful release, a truly candid 1/125th of a second of humanness.

"Yoga means union, wholeness," says Agni Ma Mushkin, the instructor leading the class I photographed. "It's all about feeling like your deepest truest self and sharing that space that allows each person to access the same within."