Dan Carey Bailey sets visuals to Adam Babar's music

'Gux Speaks' and 'Music Video - 9' move at a mutually chaotic pace

Monday October 3, 2016 08:34 pm EDT

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Faun and A Pan Flute bass player Dan Carey Bailey has quietly rolled out two new videos set to music created by ex-Faun guitar player Adam Babar. “Gux Speaks” and “Music Video - 9” are only vaguely related in their respective approaches to abstract humor, and in their shared chaotic pace. Any other perceived contextual relationship is purely in the eye and the ear of the beholder.

Bits and pieces of each video were shot at various locations, from Bailey’s kitchen to the Grand Canyon. “I wasn’t planning on using the footage for a music video when I made it,” Bailey says. “That’s sort of how I shoot everything. I carry a camera around. I just shoot whatever interests me with it. Then later on I’ll plan it to some sort of weird music video or some more abstract art film.”

The second video, “Music Video - 9” moves as though it’s from the point of view of a divination stick looking for water amid an environment that's filled with puzzles, frustration, dice, and numbers. Read as much into it as your mind allows.

In the meantime, Bailey and Jared Pepper's Broad Street Visitors Center is now open as a functioning recording studio. Bailey is currently filling the schedule with recording projects. Faun has recorded some demos there. Jared Pepper (ex-Lily and the Tigers) and Bailey have recorded some improvised music there, and Faun saxophone player Peter Webb is working on a new solo project there as well as recording material with an ensemble effort he leads called IMADO.

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