Roll Call with Dog Lover

Madelyn Bailey is ready to fight the good fight

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Who are you?
My name is Madelyn. I make music in Atlanta as Dog Lover (formerly Dog Lover 420).Describe yourself in three words.
I can’t decide.If you could start one trend what would it be?
I really like the belt phone clips. Like the clip on leather pouches. I think there’s a lot of potential for a comeback there.If you could end one trend what trend would it be?
The alienation of the working class from the fruits of their labor.Leave America or stay and fight?
Honestly, you can run wherever you want, but “not fighting” isn’t really an option. Maybe certain things will be better in other places but there’s no utopia tucked away for you to find. Personally, I would rather fight with the people I already know and care about here rather than have to start all over again in a different country.
What song do you wish you had written?
"Sin Wagon" by the Dixie Chicks

What monster scares you the most?
It’s a tie between Donald Trump and what Jeff Goldblum turns into at the end of The Fly.Who in Atlanta deserves a raise?
If I’m being completely honest, I deserve to make five times what I do now.
Dog Lover plays the Drunken Unicorn on Fri., Nov. 18. With Hello Ocho, Horse Massage, and Suffer Dragon. $8. 9 p.m. 736 Ponce De Leon Ave. www.thedrunkenunicorn.net.

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