First Slice 12/6/16: Officer involved in wreck while driving Mayor Reed faces charges

Plus, one Donald Trump elector in Texas says reality TV star and businessman is 'not qualified' for office

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>> The Atlanta Police officer who was ordered to use blue lights when ushering Mayor Kasim Reed around metro Atlanta will face charges related to a traffic accident that happened in Cobb County while driving hizzoner.

>> What oh what will help complete Emory's Proton Therapy Center on Peachtree Street? Did someone say public funding?

>> Just how much parking does Brookhaven's transit-oriented development truly need?

>> First he bought the Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon Avenue. Now he's accepting a deputy badge from Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill. What's next for Shaquille O'Neal?

>> “The Burrell Ellis trial should have never happened; it was too personal... To get non-biblical, it was chicken(bleep).”

>> So does the Department of Defense get grilled over burying a study that found $125 billion in inefficiencies and waste before or after Donald Trump takes office?

>> A Texas elector who was supposed to cast one of the votes Trump needs to take office says he won't do so, calling the president-elect "not qualified" to serve. Other electors will have to follow his example for the protest vote to be more than a symbolic move.

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