First Slice 3/28/17: Whatever happened to Sen. David Perdue?

Plus: Cats love you. No, seriously.

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The Georgia Alliance for Social Justice and 159 Georgia Together have launched a campaign looking for bmissingb Sen. David Perdue; activists say hebs not held a public forum to meet with his constituents since the November election. Yesterday, five billboards went up in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Savannah, Brunswick and Sea Island, seeking the senatorbs whereabouts.

Ibll have the steak: For the first time ever, bird flu was discovered in a flock of chickens in Chattooga County, northwest of Rome, Georgia.B

Thousands are expected to lose their food stamp benefits this week if they donbt find a job, thanks to the statebs mandated work requirements.B B

No goal: USA Hockey and members of the U.S. women's national hockey team still havenbt come to an agreement over the teambs threat to boycott the IIHF Womenbs World Championship; they just want a living wage and some help on transportation costs, dammit.

Forget everything you thought you knew about cats: A new study found that felines really do enjoy human contact.

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