Haim plays the Coca-Cola Roxy April 28

Sisters Esta, Danielle, and Alana draw from life in music

Haim Web
Photo credit: Laura Jane Coulson

Indie pop outfit, Haim blends a range of musical stylings into a full-tilt rock ’n’ roll sound that at once fresh and filled with nostalgia. The trio features sisters Esta, Danielle, and Alana who got an early start as performers playing in a cover band fronted by their father. Fusing melodies reminiscent of ’70s rock with ’80s pop percussion, and harmonies inspired by ’90s R&B, Haim’s trademark sound can be attributed to the group’s lifelong attachment to musicianship. Fans headed to see Haim live for the first-time may be in for a surprise: The group’s two studio albums, Days Are Gone and Something to Tell You (Columbia/Sony) put slick pop song writing and production front and center. Live, the band shows off a rock star swagger that creates a wholly new experience that’s every bit as distinct as Haim’s studio recordings.

$42.50-$125. 7 p.m. (doors). Sat., April 28. With Lizzo. Coca Cola Roxy, 800 Battery Ave SE Suite 500. 470-351- 3866 Ext 38186. www.cocacolaroxy.com.


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