The Atlanta Mess-Around Oct. 26-28

Bush Tetras, Roky Erickson, Protex, and more celebrate the garage-punk blowout's 10th anniversary

Bush Tetras By Eugene Merinov
Photo credit: Eugene Merinov
WILD THINGS: Bush Tetras play the Atlanta Mess-Around 2018.

“I just don't wanna go out in the streets no more because these people they give me the creeps anymore.”

The lyrics from Bush Tetras’ 1980 mantra, “Too Many Creeps,” resonate with a deeply pleasing balance of sneering misanthropy and propulsive grooves that are catchy, caustic, and irreverent enough to leave a mark that still burns in 2018. When Cynthia Sley, singer for the New York City post-punk underdogs of the Reagan era, leads Bush Tetras on stage at this year’s Atlanta Mess-Around, “Too Many Creeps’” time-tested and battle-proven rhythms will resonate with a wholly new round of societal contempt.

It’s the mark of good songwriting when lyrics crafted nearly 40 years ago find new ways to project and draw out meaning in the modern world, blended with song from throughout Bush Tetras career, culminating with this year’s Take the Fall EP.

This dynamic has been the Mess-Around’s strong suit for a full decade. … That and excellence in the name of cool kid garage-punk, power pop, and rock ‘n’ roll.
The Atlanta Mess-Around turns 10 the weekend of Oct. 26-28, and Bush Tetras are but one act bringing gravitas to the Earl’s stage. As with every year, new school deep cuts and bedrock classics collide for this East Atlanta stamina fest of the highest order.

Belfast, Ireland’s first wave punk legend Protex share top billing with Texas psych legend Roky Erickson. Resident Atlanta songsmith Gentleman Jesse also makes a rare appearance alongside Radioactivity, Death Valley Girls, Bad Sports, Dan Melchior, Country Westerns, Static Static, Benni, Dinos Boys, GG King, and more. Plus, it wouldn’t be the Mess-Around without Sunday afternoon Dunch featuring a solo acoustic performance by Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound, Oblivians, the Deadly Snakes, et al.

It’s about people who are passionate about music keeping the spirit of debauchery and community alive, all while taking in some pretty rare Southern appearances by some truly timeless acts. 
The full festival pass is $65.

A single ticket for Fri., Oct. 26 is $5 for the day shows (more info coming soon), and $30 for the night time performances.

A single for Sat., Oct. 27 is $15 for day shows (more info coming soon) and $30 for the night time performances.

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