WATCH: Adron's 'Be Like the Sea'

The wayward songstress ruminates on identity and environment

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Photo credit: Bill Guzik
SEA CHANGE: “Be the ocean that you’re staring at.” — Adron

Adron may have been shouted out as Atlanta’s “Best Person Who Left” in CL’s 2018 Best of Atlanta issue. But the Motown/Tropicalia-minded singer and guitarist is still flying her hometown colors from her new home in Los Angeles.

“Be Like the Sea,” the second song released from her latest album, Water Music, is making a splash with a video shot by Bill Guzik (Karaoke, Faun and A Pan Flute). It’s the opening number from Water Music, and it features Adron performing alongside a cast of all-star locals, including keyboard player Chris Case, bass player Ryan Donald, and drummer/percussionist Collin Agnew.

In many ways, the song is the perfect mantra for the wandering songstress who is channeling all of her efforts into this new chapter of her life and her career. When she sings, “If you can’t handle just bein’ mammal, your other options abound,” the ruminations on merging one’s identity with their environment come into sharp focus. “Stop being what you think you are and be your environment,” Adron says. “Be the ocean that you’re staring at.”

Adron is currently on the road playing songs from Water Music. There are no Atlanta dates on the calendar yet, but keep your eyes peeled for more news coming soon.

Oct. 11 — The Glove (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Lilith Outcome (Zach Phillips, Marlon Cherry, Ryan Power, and more), and the Lentils.
Oct. 14 — Elyria (Cleveland, OH) at Blank Slate Elyria
Oct. 17 — SPACE (Evanston, IL) w/ Destroyer.
Oct. 18 — The Burl (Lexington, KY) w/ Mikaela Davis.
Oct. 20 — The Pioneer (Indianapolis, IN) w/ Danielson and Mike Adams at his Honest Weight.
Oct. 21 — Cobra (Nashville, TN) w/ Max Putnam and Greyson Anderson.

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