CLiKS episode 1: Tiffani Jai

'Longing For' filmmaker discusses her directorial debut

CLiKS EP01 Tiffani Jai
Photo credit: Courtesy Jerry White Jr.
IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER: Filmmaker Tiffani Jai and CLiKS host Jerry White Jr.

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CLiKS is a podcast collaboration between Creative Loafing and KitSplit, focusing on Atlanta filmmakers. www.creativeloafing.com | www.kitsplit.com
Hosted by Jerry White Jr., www.jerrywhitejr.com
Edited by Jacob Chisenhall
Music by auger shell, www.soundcloud.com/auger-shell

EPISODE 01 Tiffani Jai

Tiffani Jai is a New York-born and Atlanta-based visual artist and filmmaker. Her film Longing For is a documentary on the epidemic of fatherlessness based on Jai’s father and grandfather, who were recently reconnected after being separated for 45 years.


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