D.R.E.S. thaBEATnik reflects on a life in music

The Atlanta host and ‘insurance provider’ talks about the changing trends in the city’s nightlife and culture

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Photo credit: Chad Radford
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For this installment of the Creative Loafing podcast Music Editor Chad Radford and Atlanta’s legendary host, MC, and hip-hop renaissance man D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik post up in Short Notice Studio to talk about perception versus reality, the fear of missing out, and the kind of knowledge that one gains from dedicating their life to Atlanta music.

D.R.E.S. is a regular leader of Fantastic Fridays at MJQ (Classic Fantastic Edition), every third Friday of the Month alongside DJ's Fudge, the Grand Emperial, and DJ Majestik.

Elsewhere around town, D.R.E.S. is a regular presence at Boom Bap Saturday at the Glenwood, and Beats Brews x Views at the Village Theatre every third Sunday of the month, with sounds by DJ Rock Most, curated by Jason Staten.

For this podcast interview, D.R.E.S. shares a bit of the wisdom he's learned from decades spent hosting countless shows and events. He also addresses the shifting cultural and musical trends in Atlanta hip-hop, which have inspired him to re-define himself as an "insurance provider" for shows. Press play!

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